Christmas Gifts 2013

Christmas Gifts 2013

For millions of American families, this will be the first Christmas that the financial crisis will make itself felt in worker’s pockets. The average worker’s pay is increasing less than the price of goods in stores, so finding the perfect gift this holiday may mean being a bit more creative than normal.

The Best Christmas Gifts of 2013.

The first thing to try is food based gifts. The recipient will always appreciate the time and effort that has gone into making muffins or cakes, and they’re also the perfect chance to personalize your gift. By finding out their favorite ingredients and flavors, you can put together a gift basket that looks and smells fantastic without costing a fortune. The next option is to offer them experiences rather than tangible objects. On the whole, this is a better tactic to try for older children and other adults, as they will appreciate spending time with you doing one of their favorite activities. This can also allow you time to spread out the cost of Christmas over the course of a few months, as you can pay for tickets after December when your finances return to normality. Make sure it’s a trip that you’ll enjoy too, as there’s nothing worse than going to an event with someone who doesn’t want to be there. Finally, if you are determined to go for a more materialistic present on a budget, it’s worth hunting around online before hitting the stores. Because they don’t have to pay for staff, rent and utilities, online stores can offer massive discounts on electronic goods and books. Auction sites are also worth looking at, but be sure to make sure that you check the quality of the object before you commit to buy, and do whatever research you can on the seller to make sure that they are reliable enough to send you the product that you’ve bought.

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WOW Dynamite Daisy – Racing Cars (2 Piece Set)

Hi everyone, I'm Dynamite Daisy and I just love to cruise around the race track with my specially designed flowery paint job. It even matches my driver Charlotte's beautiful dress as not only do we always finish ahead of the pack, we do it in style! My driver Charlotte is the youngest ever professional race car driver and she uses all of her energy to win race after race! I can always trust Charlotte to reach my top speeds in order to win more and more races.

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Schoenhut Acoustic Guitar (Pink)

If your little girl dreams of penning songs to move the world someday, get her started with the Schoenhut Pink Acoustic Guitar.This guitar has an innovative design incorporating a molded composite body with dual curves, which greatly enhances the sound. The birch soundboard creates an excellent tone, alongside the resonant hardwood neck. The molded fretboard is easy for little fingers to maneuver. About Schoenhut The Schoenhut story begins in the 1800s, when a young Albert Schoenhut began to build toy pianos in his Wurtenberg, Germany home. Born into a toy-making family, Schoenhut knew his way around a piano at a young age. By the time he was 23, he had already founded the Schoenhut Piano Company. The business started with just pianos, but grew to include a variety of instruments. When Schoenhut died in 1912, his company was the largest toy maker in the United States. Today, the company is owned by Len and Renee Trinca. In addition with Schoenhut's original designs, Len has designed and crafted new prototypes to add to the company's line. Every product is guaranteed to bring 100 percent satisfaction, it's the Schoenhut promise. Recommended for children ages 6 to 9 years. Molded composite fretboard and body. Birch soundboard for great sound. Includes pick and extra strings. Dimensions: 31L x 12W x 3H inches.

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LEGO City Sports Car (8402)

Pieces: 68

Out for a drive in LEGO® City!
The weather is just right for a ride in an open-top sports car…whoops, was that the radiator? Good thing there's an emergency phone nearby to call for a Road Rescue tow truck and repair crew!
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